Google is proving to be a leader in the AI landscape with tools like Vertex AI, but it's the latest function in Google Slides that has small business owners feeling excited. 

Anyone who has spent hours creating a presentation only to have all the text placements thrown off when you add clip art knows how frustrating it is to make the tiny adjustments necessary to make everything fit. Thanks to a new feature of Gemini AI, you no longer have to deal with this or other issues like an unattractive background detracting from the look of your slide deck. 

With this new update, you can remove the background from PNG images placed on Google Slides with just a few clicks. Instead of fussing with image placement or trying to resize the image just enough to fit, you can create transparent image backgrounds that make formatting the slides a breeze. 

How to Remove Backgrounds from Photos in Google Slides 

Whether you pull images from the internet, use generative AI or an AI studio to create a custom image, or get photos from a stock image service, the process for removing the background when it's on a slide is the same. 

Once you place the image on the slide, right-click on it or select Remove Background on the toolbar. Gemini will then take over, erasing the background and allowing you to move that subject around the slide without it. 

Although Gemini is Google's most capable AI model, its background removal capability isn't always perfect. To get the best results, you need to work with an image with a clear subject that contrasts with the background. The subject can't be too detailed or similar to the background, as the AI tool will struggle to distinguish between the subject and the background. 

For example, you shouldn't have any trouble separating an image of a yellow flower from a blue sky background. However, the results may not be as crisp if you're trying to remove a blue flower from the blue background. 

Still, when trying to format a compelling presentation for your business, the background removal capabilities of Google's Gemini AI (also known as 1.0 Ultra) platform are a timesaver. They allow you to remove the background from images without spending hours using photo editing software or moving things around the slide.

Accessing Gemini AI in Google Slides

The Gemini AI photo background capability is only available to business customers who use the paid Gemini Business or Gemini Enterprise add-ons. Individual users can access the tool by subscribing to the Google One AI Premium for $19.99 monthly. 

Whether you're pitching an idea to an investor or presenting a technical report, the ability to create an eye-catching presentation is paramount. With Gemini AI's simple photo transformation tool, it's easier than ever to add images to your slides without losing any formatting and create the exact design you want. 


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