How do businesses grow?  Our business grows when we find new clients who need our services. The hard part is finding those clients.

Sometimes we just get lucky, and the client comes searching for us.

Sometimes we get results by marketing to a large group of potential clients in the hope that some will respond to the marketing.

The big problem with this approach is, to paraphrase Forrest Gump, “Marketing is like a box of chocolates; You never know what you're gonna get.”

If a new client doesn’t really understand and appreciate how important reliable and effective IT services are to their security and their bottom line, they are often not a good fit and our relationship may be short lived. Unfortunately, at that point we have already invested time and money only to see it evaporate into thin air.

However, we already serve a terrific group of informed and objective clients, and when they recommend us to a friend or business associate, that potential new client is almost always a quality connection who shares the same values and understanding as the client making the referral.

Without question, that is the way we prefer to grow, and a large percentage of our clients came to us in this way… “word of mouth referrals from other great clients”.

We already know we provide fantastic service and outstanding value for the money, so clients are seldom hesitant to provide referrals when the subject comes up. However, these random conversations with friends and associates at networking events, on the golf course, or wherever people meet are unpredictable, easily forgotten and possibly rare.

In an effort to encourage our clients to keep us top-of-mind or even actively search out viable potential clients and recommend us to everyone they think would be a good fit, we have instituted this referral program with some sweet rewards for your trouble.

This applies to our current clients and their employees who may know other successful business owners who are experiencing IT and security challenges.

Here’s the deal…

We are looking for business clients with 10 or more Employees. Whether they use Mac, Windows or Linux or all three it doesn’t matter we do it all.

Refer us to a potential client, and when they contact us and book an online discovery call, we will give you $500 or a $500 gift card (or you can choose $200 off your next invoice if you are the business owner).

If they become a Managed Service client we will give you an additional $500 or a $500 gift card (or you can choose another $500 off your next invoice if you are the business owner).

A referral is the greatest compliment you can pay us. We appreciate every referral made and promise we would never do anything to make you sorry you did so.

To get started, fill out the form on the right or just call us at 503-895-9793.