Businesses that want to protect against Data loss Portland or must have data backup and recovery. Human mistakes, cyberattacks, and hardware malfunctions are among the hazards of data loss that can cause major interruptions and financial losses. Routine data backups, which also guarantee protection and fast restoration of information, make maintaining company continuity and reducing downtime possible.

Services for Recovery

  • Reconstruction after Disasters: Our disaster recovery Portland solutions are made to enable your company to bounce back from any catastrophic occurrence as soon as possible. With the most minor downtime, we ensure that your vital data is recovered and your operations resume.
  • Methods of Data Recovery: We approach data recovery Portland or services methodically to restore your data effectively. During the restoration process, we prioritize data integrity and security.
  • Time Objectives for Recovery: We establish specific recovery time objectives (RTOs) to reduce the effect of any data loss incident and guarantee that your company activities are up and running within the specified timeframe.

Online data backup, storage, access and sharing solution

The need for data backup

SMB’s Silver Lining Cloud Backup Built from the ground up with your data in mind

Here’s why SMB’s Silver Lining Cloud Backup makes business sense

  • Scalable as your backup and storage needs increase
  • Simple, secure, automated and reliable

In this information age, data is the new currency of business. With offices and resources spread across cities, states, time zones, and even countries, combined with the ever-increasing volumes of data, the problems associated with round-the-clock accessibility, archiving, backup, and restore are very real. Additionally, there are looming threats posed by hardware crashes, computer virus and malware, theft, loss, and natural disasters.

*** What if the data – the life-blood of your business – simply vanished? ***

The need for data backup

The alarming statistics and facts put out by various studies corroborate the need for all businesses – big and small – to have a disaster management and recovery plan in place.

Research organizations like Gartner and IDC on data loss

  • 60% of corporate data resides on PC desktops and laptops
  • 32% of data loss is due to user error
  • 10% of laptops are stolen annually
  • 5% of laptops suffer hardware failure annually
  • 70% of all tape restores fail

Other significant findings on data loss:

“The growing number of high-profile incidents in which customer records, confidential information, and intellectual property were leaked (or lost/stolen) has created an explosive demand for solutions that protect against the deliberate or inadvertent release of sensitive information.”
— IDC Special Study titled ’Information Protection and Control Survey: Data Loss Prevention and Encryption Trends’, 2018.
“The risk of data loss comes from all types of data, including innumerable “channels” for potential leakage and from end-user behavior ranging from inadvertent, to well determined, to malicious. The majority of data loss incidents are associated with simple human error, and by well-meaning employees going around policies in trying to carry out their jobs.”
— Aberdeen Report titled ‘Data Loss Prevention: Little Leaks Sink the Ship’, 2018.

SMB’s Silver Lining Cloud Backup
Built from the ground up with your data in mind.

SMB Technologies has integrated several well-known, reliable, scalable, and robust tools to provide backup for any and all systems that handle data. From the server that stores your production data, to the mobile phone that has your customer lists on it, and every system in-between.

Our enterprise-class solution simplifies your companies’ backup and recovery process. We eliminate the problems associated with traditional backup systems – error-prone, time-consuming to manage, capital-intensive, and open to theft.

One of the most common errors in backups is when something must be done by a human. If a tape or drive needs to be swapped, that task might not happen. If the person who does this task is sick, will it get done? The solution to this is automation and reporting.

We leverage the redundancy and the diversity of Amazon Web Services to store your data in several key locations around the country. This ensures if a disaster strikes in California, you still have access to your data from another data center location, with minimal downtime, if any.

Here’s why SMB’s Silver Lining Cloud Backup makes business sense.

Cost Effective
SMB’s Silver Lining Cloud Backup reduces your total cost of ownership. There are no upfront hardware costs. You start with a small setup fee, starting at $25 per system, and pay for storage as needed. You never pay for storage you aren’t using. Storage starts at $.06 per Gigabyte, per month. No more tiers and overages to deal with!

Superior Reliability

Your data resides on raid-protected industry-leading NAS/SAN storage devices with multiple levels of redundancy. In addition, regular backups of the data are maintained on separate raid-protected devices online to quickly recover from any software/hardware failures. Your data is also mirrored between data centers for additional security and reliability.

Data is scheduled for automatic backup. There is no need for manual intervention in changing tapes or taking daily backups.

Secure Data
Your data is encrypted in transit with SSL encryption with a 2048 bit key. We also encrypt your

Unmatched Scalability
Use the amount of storage you need, only pay for what you are using. Many cloud-based backup solutions charge you for a block of storage. This means you buy 50 GB of storage, and then you are paying for all that storage while you work up to that level. When you have 25 GB of data stored, you are still paying for 50. With SMB’s Silver Lining Cloud Backup, you only pay for what you are using.

Our backup solution will back up from MS Windows, MacOS, Linux, and any version of Unix in use today. We also offer backup from any Network Attached Storage (NAS) or Storage Area Network (SAN) disk array. If you have a device that handles data, we can back it up.

Getting Started First Consultation

We start by having a first meeting to determine your data protection and business requirements. Our professionals will evaluate your present configuration and offer the top backup options.

Specialized Backup Schedules

Our personalized backup plans provide thorough data security and prompt recovery possibilities.

Start using our Data Recovery Services Portland Oregon to safeguard your company from losing data and guarantee a smooth recovery in unanticipated circumstances. Whether you need Data Restoration Portland or or comprehensive disaster recovery, we've got you covered.

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