FileMaker Pro is an easy-to-use and infinitely customizable relational database system that allows a company of any size to manage all aspects of its business. Databases can be created from free templates or third-party solutions, and then adjusted to meet your needs. You can also create your system from scratch to match your business processes. Best yet, you can access FileMaker databases from Mac, Windows, Apple mobile devices, or the Web.

Some common uses for FileMaker including databases for Inventory Management, Invoicing, Payroll, Billing, CRM, Contact Management, Scheduling, Expenses, Project Tracking, Issue Tracking, Student Records, Resource Scheduling and Upkeep, and more. FileMaker makes it incredibly easy to add on functionality to your database as needed. There is no waiting for changes to be compiled or systems restarted.

Layouts can be customized on the fly to represent your data in any form you require. FileMaker allows for robust reporting and data summarization. You can view your data in spreadsheet-like format while sorting and grouping data as needed. For more advanced reporting needs, FileMaker can create custom layouts that display your data in a more visually appealing and readable manner. Include headers, footers, subtotals, and more. You can then share this information by saving the report in PDF or Excel format.

You can access your database remotely in several ways. You can use the FileMaker program to remotely connect to your FileMaker Server. You can use the FileMaker Go app on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. You can use FileMaker IWP to access your database in a web browser without installing any additional plugins. Lastly, you can integrate your database with your website using the FileMaker PHP API.

Sync data with an existing database using FileMaker’s built-in ODBC and JDBC functionality. This technology allows you to connect with systems built on Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL.

We have FileMaker Certified personnel to assist you. Our focus is on custom FileMaker development for all size businesses, across a variety of industries, from small organizations to Fortune 500 companies.

Our Certified FileMaker Development Staff is ready to make a difference for your business. If you would like more information on FileMaker Pro’s uses, go to Give us a call at 503-895-9793 or email us at with any questions you might have on whether FileMaker is a possible organizational solution for your business.

Enhancing Your Business with Custom IT Solutions

We specialize in database consulting and development using FileMaker Pro, a cross-platform database solution for workgroups and individuals.

SMB provides services that help you manage and maintain your data:

  • Custom FileMaker database development
  • Database Conversion
  • FileMaker Installation and Support
  • Training
  • Work Flow Consultation and Optimization
  • FileMaker Web Integration
  • FileMaker Go iPad and iPhone development

Our development process includes workflow processing, to help your company become more productive. We look to develop long-term relationships with our clients by providing excellent customer service and responsiveness. We love to help our clients navigate the future as their companies and systems change and grow.