SMB Technologies Co-Managed IT Services brings together the benefits of our proactive management processes, methods, tools, the deep expertise of our technical team, and the line of business knowledge & experience of your internal IT Staff.

This service model fits best for traditional, established businesses with in-house IT departments like PCO’s made up of long-term employees who know the ins and outs of the specialized systems supporting their operation and carry the 'tribal knowledge' essential to keep the business running.

The job of IT operations and management has become very complex over the years. The effort to manage a company's infrastructure, protect its data and intellectual property, and to support the users have become exponentially complicated. The reality is that whether the IT Department is made up of one person, or multiple staff members, most likely, they are strapped for resources. When there are too many tasks to be done in a day, the attention and available bandwidth of the team go to resolving problems that have the highest visibility and not necessarily in the order of importance.

Over the years working with our clients' internal IT teams, we have been developing and perfecting a service delivery process that combines capabilities of our advanced its operations tools, our service delivery process, the expertise of our team, and that of the client's internal IT team. Our approach to Co-Managed IT Services works as a Win-Win-Win for the internal IT team, the client, and our Team. Our track record proves it, and our clients with internal IT staff will vouch for it 100%

What are the benefits of Co-Managed IT Services?

  1. Access to SMB’s advanced management & monitoring tools with the backend support of our team
  2. Execution of our time-proven IT Service Management processes
  3. Operational efficiencies by delegating everyday management, monitoring and routine tasks such as Asset Management, Patching and Updates, Backup and Recovery Services to SMB’s Team
  4. Access to the deep expertise of our team if needed
  5. Leverage our vendor relationships to get advanced support for complex technical issues

Essentially, by engaging our Co-Managed IT Services, it allows the business to relieve its internal IT Team from tasks that can be delegated to us, so the staff can focus on tasks and responsibilities that can best benefit from their core-expertise. In other words, with our Co-Managed IT Services, you get to keep the Tribal Knowledge of your internal team and gain access to the benefits listed above with the backing of our team.

With Co-Managed IT Services, we don't replace your IT Staff…
We make them better!