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Ron Rothstein

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LIVE: March 10th
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Ramp Up Your Security Posture With Layered Security

The present threat landscape has grown to the point where a single security measure is no longer sufficient to protect against attacks. The statistics below attest to this:

  • Cybercrime damages are expected to cost $6 trillion per year by 2021.1
  • Phishing increased its prevalence from 25% last year to 36% this year.2
  • Ransomware doubled in frequency since last year, appearing in 10% of verified breaches.2

Because no security technology or measure is flawless or guaranteed, layered security assumes that attackers will infiltrate different layers of an organization's defenses. The goal of this approach is to provide several layers of protection to identify and stop attackers at every stage of the attack cycle, thus enhancing security system effectiveness.

Sign up for our webinar to learn how the 7 layers of the layered security approach protect different parts of your organization. The 7 elements include:

  1. Information your organization handles
  2. Physical infrastructure
  3. Your IT network
  4. Proactive vulnerability scanning
  5. Identity & access management
  6. Proactive protection & reactive backup & recovery
  7. Ongoing monitoring & testing

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SMB delivers value through high quality services and value per dollar spent

MetroEast retained SMB Technologies to perform an in-depth IT Audit of our digital community media organization. We were running outdated legacy systems and processes. The SMB team went above and beyond digging deeply into all aspects of our IT-related operations. A thorough report was produced with weighted problem areas and recommendations for improvement. SMB demonstrated a solid understanding of and appreciation for our community media organization's IT needs. We decided to hire SMB as an Interim CIO to help us in the next phase and we continue to work with SMB to address key areas identified in the IT Audit report. We're very glad to be continuing our work with SMB to transform and advance our IT department in a way that will benefit our overall organization.

Mike Shur Mike Shur Director of Finance
MetroEast Media

The services of the SMB team are excellent. Issues that come up get quick resolution.

We feel like we get sound technical support when it comes to CSC solutions and resolution of problems for our desktop/network support. SMB is a great fit for the size of company CSC is today; they integrate with our company seamlessly. The services of the SMB team are excellent. Issues that come up get quick resolution.

No systemic issues have come about that go unresolved. It’s clear that the SMB team will pull out the stops to support their clients. Generally, SMB helps our organization look out into the future. We believe they are looking for trends that may impact our organization and or issues that could dog us in the future. We’ve never been caught by surprise through a technological change that resulted in service disruption of note.

Kirt Nilsson Kirt Nilsson COO
Charter School Capital

I feel protected with SMB watching my back.

I have been using SMB Technologies for several years now for all my IT needs. They are quick to answer requests and very knowledgeable about networking and security. I feel protected with SMB watching my back. I fully endorse SMB for all your IT needs. You won’t regret it!

Dr. Kevin Speers Dr. Kevin Speers Owner
Oak Grove Dental