IBackup for Business Continuity

Online data backup, storage, access and sharing solution

  • Scalable as your backup and storage needs increase
  • Simple, secure, automated and reliable

In this information age, data is the new currency of business. With offices and resources spread across geographies and time zones, combined with the ever increasing volumes of data, the problems of round-the-clock accessibility, archiving, backup and restore are becoming very real. Also looming large are threats posed by hardware crash, virus, theft and natural disasters.

What if data – the life-blood of your business – simply vanished?

The need for data backup

The alarming statistics and facts put out by various studies corroborate the need for corporates – big and small – to have a disaster management and recovery plan in place.

Research organizations like Gartner and IDC on data loss

  • 60% of corporate data resides on PC desktops and laptops
  • 32% of data loss is due to user error
  • 10% of laptops are stolen annually
  • 5% of laptops suffer hardware failure annually
  • 70% of all tape restores fail

Other significant findings on data loss:

“The growing number of high-profile incidents in which customer records, confidential information, and intellectual property were leaked (or lost/stolen) has created an explosive demand for solutions that protect against the deliberate or inadvertent release of sensitive information.”
— IDC Special Study titled ’Information Protection and Control Survey: Data Loss Prevention and Encryption Trends’, 2008.

“The risk of data loss comes from all types of data, including innumerable “channels” for potential leakage and from end-user behavior ranging from inadvertent, to well determined, to malicious. The majority of data loss incidents are associated with simple human error, and by well-meaning employees going around policies in trying to carry out their jobs.”
— Aberdeen Report titled ‘Data Loss Prevention: Little Leaks Sink the Ship’, 2008.

The IBackup solution – Serious data protection for serious business

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IBackup is ideal for businesses that recognize the perils of not having a formal online backup strategy. Time-tested technologies and a proven track record have allowed us to become the solution of choice for several thousand consumers and many Fortune 500 companies.

Our enterprise-class solution simplifies your companies’ backup and recovery process. We eliminate the problems associated with traditional backup systems – error-prone, time-consuming to manage, capital-intensive and open to theft.

IBackup is hosted at world-class facilities, custom designed with raised floors, HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones, and seismically braced racks. With a wide range of physical security features, including state-of-the-art smoke detection, fire suppression systems, motion sensors, secured access, video camera surveillance and security breach alarms, your data is secure and accessible at all times.

Here’s why IBackup makes business sense

Cost Effective
IBackup reduces your total cost of ownership. There are no upfront hardware or software costs and no set up fee. You start with a small investment and pay for additional storage as your business needs grow. Thus, you are in direct command over the amount of storage you choose.

Superior Reliability
Your data resides on raid-protected industry leading NAS/SAN storage devices with multiple levels of redundancy. In addition, regular backups of the data are maintained on separate raid-protected devices online to quickly recover from any software/hardware failures. Your data is also mirrored between data centers for additional security and reliability.

Data is scheduled for automatic backup. There is no need for manual intervention in changing tapes or taking daily backups.

Secure Data
We encrypt your data securely during transfer and storage with a user-defined key that is not stored anywhere on the IBackup servers.

24 x 7 Support
IBackup provides free technical support 24 x 7. We are available to assist you with any aspect of the service to ensure that all backup and restore operations are carried out successfully.

Unmatched Scalability
IBackup allows you to add storage as you grow. We can monitor your storage sizes and ensure that your data protection and recovery requirements are met and exceeded.

IBackup offers several interfaces to access your data and makes it available to you 24 x 7, over the Internet. Our solutions work on multiple operating systems and platforms.

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